10-12 November in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) 


Learn with Robert Dilts

Limiting Beliefs and Emotional Intelligence


With the magic of his words, exercises designed with expertise and experience of hundreds of top-level seminars, Robert Dilts leads to a new way of self-awareness, improved decision making and communication.


Santiago de Compostela, through this seminar is open to all those who wish to enhance their personal growth and desire to journey from all parts of Europe to the “finis terrae” (end of the world) of the Roman Empire, also destination of the historical Way of Saint Jacques pilgrimage.

You don´t know Santiago yet?  



November 10:



In the framework of the III Coaching International Congress (XIC11), Robert Dilts offers his workshop accompanied by figures in the international coaching field.




9.00 h. Accreditation

9.30 h. Opening Workshop: Hilde Jaspaert (Belgium). 

The Mind Mapping in coaching. The line of thought.


10.25 h. Workshop 1: Mavi Oliva Vallejo (Mexico). 

Emotions: the levers of managerial effectiveness. 


11.20 h. Opening protocol. Chaired by Dosil Joaquin Diaz, president of the Association of Teachers and Professionals of Coaching and Mentoring, Approaching, and president of the American Association of Sport Psychology, SIPD.


11.35 h. Networking time


12.05 h. Workshop 2: Daniel Alvarez Lamas (Santiago de Compostela). 

What is my socio-emotional stage? Applications of developmental coaching. 


12.55 h. Table of experiences:

What is the role of coaching and mentoring in the development of entrepreneurs?

Maite Cancelo. Managing Director of BIC Galicia.

How has your company benefited from coaching?

Carmelo Barrionuevo Beltran. Northwest Regional Director of BBVA

Alberto Vazquez Lopez. Director of Customer Services Multinational Area of Telefónica Group.

Daniel Cerqueiro Garcia. CEO Galinus Media Workshop.

A galician coach answer: How has been your experience as an executive coach?

Nelly Rey Rey. Managing Director of Identia Coaching and Training.


14.00 h. Network Lunch in the elegant Puerta del Camino Hotel.

(Included in registration fee).

16.00 h. Robert Dilts Workshop:

Surpassing Limiting Beliefs. Help yourself and your team to go beyond.

Robert Dilts (USA).


The ability to manage our own blocks and those of the team we work with, opens an unlimited universe of possibilities.Using the right tools for action let us enhance our capabilities, improve performance and achieve, thus, a comprehensive development in the personal and professional level.


November 11:
Do you want to discover Santiago de Compostela?


The program Learn with Robert Dilts leaves a day off to digest the material learned the previous day, while you discover with your colleagues the magic of the ancient way to Santiago and tourist attractions of the city, as its monumental Cathedral. Let´s spend a joyful day visiting the tomb of St. James, the Paseo de la Alameda, the University, historic squares and don´t miss Santiago´s delightful cuisine.

For more information, you can visit www.santiagoturismo.com


November 12:

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership (65 seats)


Work in depth Emotional Intelligence is so important in the world of coaching and management skills. Robert Dilts will give us his view of this matter from the perspective of the world of coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) . This seminar is vital expertise for those wishing to delve deeper into Dilts thinking, feeling and doing.


Special attention will be paid to the role of Emotional Intelligence from two viewpoints:

· The inner game to achieve the mental and emotional states more productive.

· The relevance of emotions for leading others by creating an environment of mutual satisfaction.




The Association of Teachers and Professionals of Coaching and Mentoring, Approaching, grant a certificate of participation to those attending the two days.




Organizers: Approaching and QCoach.

Date: November 10 and 12.

Timetable: 9.00 to 14.30 and 16 h. to 20 h.

Location: Cersia Auditorium. Rúa Alcalde Raimundo López Pol, s/n (San Lázaro)


COST of the “Learn with Robert Dilts” Program:




10 and 12 November: 690 €

10 and 12 November: 520 €

Only 10 Nov: € 190

Only on 10 Nov: € 135

Only 12 Nov: € 500 (only 65 seats).

Only on 12 Nov: € 385 (only 65 seats).


* The advance purchase expires on October 25

* These prices include elegant network lunch and coffee both days.

* This english speakers program includes only activities on November 10 and 12 2011, as the congress program of the 11th is in Spanish without translation.


The seminar Robert Dilts Emotional Intelligence has a limited number of 65 seats.

To register, please follow these steps:

1 .- Enter the amount of the seminar to the CTA.

IBAN ES62 0182 5920 5102 0162 0715 BBVA Santiago de Compostela Bank. QCOACH.
Showing as a concept: SEMINAR + Name.

2.-Send an email to dadministración@qcoach.es attaching a copy of the transfer, name, address and number of passport or identification document.




For hotel reservations or airline tickets, We have special offers for attendees at the XIC'11.

Send an email with your personal and reservation data to the mail


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